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Bombay Avocado & Grapeseed Non Sticky Hair Oil for Mens & Womens – 200 gm



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Style your hair every day with Bombay Shaving Company Avocado and Grapeseed Non-Sticky Moisturising Hair Oil. Avocado oil’s super effective composition of vitamins, minerals, biotin and antioxidants nourish your hair thoroughly. Rich in omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E, grapeseed oil fights frizzy and rough hair and works on those split ends. It also locks in moisture and prevents your scalp from getting dry. The non-sticky texture allows you to style your hair daily without fear of damage.The powerful nutrients in the coconut hair oil moisturise your hair naturally and provide it with much-needed protection against environmental damage. Olive oil adds moisture to your hair, making it soft and smooth. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair and prevent hair loss. Leave this hair oil overnight for hair growth and use shampoo to wash it off in the morning. Combining the vitamin-rich ingredients, this hair oil nourishes and maintains the shine and lustre of your hair, naturally.


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