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Ducati by Imetec Grooming Kit GK 618 GEARBOX



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Grooming Kit GK 618 Gearbox is equipped with a titanium coated blades for maximum accuracy, corrosion resistance, long life.

The blades are easily removable for a precise cleaning.
The different spacer combs supplied allow 33 cutting adjustments from 0.6 mm to 12 mm for every type of style and physiognomy.
The grooming kit includes a body shaver for a maximum comfort shave, a vertical trimmer with ergonomic blade for nose, ears and eyebrows.
The GK 618 GEARBOX Grooming Kit, with its 60-minute running time, allows it to be used multiple times without the need to recharge it. You can also use it connected to the mains.
Included in the package is a specially designed stand to have the product always at hand.
Stainless Steel Blades
High resistance stainless steel blades
Cutting micro adjustment
The fine adjustment button ensures maximum precision up to 0.3 mm for every type of style and physiognomy
For every kind of style
33 cutting adjustments from 0.6 to 12mm, with precision up to 0.3 mm
Cord Plus Cordless
Works both connected to the mains and by battery
Specially Designed Stand
Specially designed stand so it is always at hand together with your favorite accessory
Running Time
60-minute running time
Soft carrying case
Ideal for storing and transporting the product and its accessories
Worldwide multivoltage
Easy washable blades
Maintenance and cleaning Kit
All DUCATI BY IMETEC products are designed to last a long time and are covered by a warranty of 2 years, which can be extended to a further 2 years by registering here

Key Features

Contains: Clipper, Hair comb
Power Source: Cord Charging
Material: Titanium coated blades




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